This is the page where we post about public Dreamland demos (at conventions like GenCon Online, NecronomiCon, BigBadCon, Convocation, A Weekend With Good Friends, YSDC Game Day, educational organizations like The Game Academy, and other places).

Our next public playtest is at…

GEEKY TEAS (November 27, 2022), Burbank, CA

Aaron Vanek will be running the Dreamland adventure “The Paradise of the Unchanging” from 11:30am-4:30pm on November 27 at this gaming cafe. The price is $5; sign up by contacting “SDF(first name of the DM)

We also run periodic playtests and demos on Roll20, using Roll20 Dreamland cards. If you’re interested in playtesting Dreamland with your own local gaming group, or trying a game on Roll20, feel free to email us at (Jason’s first name) at mockman point com, or ping us on twitter or Facebook.

Super-rough but totally functional roll20 Word Cards

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Playtest map, not final art (August 2017)