This is the page where we post about public Dreamland playtests & demos!

CONVOCATION 2020 (September 25-27)

I’ll be running a game at ConVocation 2020, from the wonderful folks at! The game will be The Palace of Memories at 12pm PST (8pm GMT+1) on Friday, September 25. Sign up at their website to get a ticket.


The amazing Aaron Vanek occasionally runs Dreamland online for students at The Game Academy. Check their website for times and details.

ROLL20 PLAYTESTS (anytime):

We also run frequent playtests in our home city of San Francisco, and are available to run games on Roll20. If you’re interested in playtesting Dreamland with your own local gaming group, or trying a game on Roll20, feel free to email us at (Jason’s first name) at mockman point com, or ping us on twitter or Facebook.

Super-rough but totally functional roll20 Word Cards

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Playtest map, not final art (August 2017)