This is the page where we post about public Dreamland demos (at conventions like GenCon Online, NecronomiCon, BigBadCon, Convocation, A Weekend With Good Friends, YSDC Game Day, educational organizations like The Game Academy, and other places).

Our next public playtest is at…

BIGBADCON! (October 27-30, 2022), Hyatt Regency @ San Francisco Airport

A Golden Earache in Dreamland (October 29, 9 am-1pm)

There wasn’t anything special about Princess Zahava until she found a small pebble of pure gold growing in her ear one day. Each time she removed it, another slightly larger pebble grew again. Was this a blessing or a curse? When a pebble grew large enough to rupture her eardrum, she went searching for the elusive Pariah Party hoping to get help. She was never heard from again. That’s where you come in. You are a dreamer, one of the few people able to visit the strange cities and jungles of Dreamland, where your memories of waking life are the fuel to shape this fairytale-like dream world… but lose too many memories and you might wake up a changed person, or never wake up at all. What will you risk or win to save the princess? 

“A Golden Earache in Dreamland” is a new Dreamland adventure written and DMed by Ronny. Characters will be created and the game explained at the table. Please check it out!

We also run periodic playtests and demos on Roll20, using Roll20 Dreamland cards. If you’re interested in playtesting Dreamland with your own local gaming group, or trying a game on Roll20, feel free to email us at (Jason’s first name) at mockman point com, or ping us on twitter or Facebook.

Super-rough but totally functional roll20 Word Cards

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Playtest map, not final art (August 2017)