This is the page where we post about upcoming convention games and other opportunities to run playtests of Dreamland. Stay up to date by signing up to our mailing list.

If you are a Dream Master, this is where you can find official online assets you can use to run your very own one-shot or campaign of Dreamland. Please join the conversation on our Dreamland Discord channel! I would love to answer any questions you have and hear firsthand about any playtests you have run.

If you are interested in playing, we do Dreamland playtests 2-3 times a month on Thursdays on the Dreamland Discord server, usually starting at 8PM PST. Join the Discord here!


At the moment (July 8, 2024) we have no currently scheduled con games, but stay tuned for updates for Fall 2024 conventions. In the past we have run Dreamland demos at conventions like GenCon, BigBadCon, GameholeCon, NecronomiCon, Convocation, KublaCon, Gamex, GoPlayNW and YSDC Game Day.


The updated Beta version of the rules are available online in a QuickStart PDF for you to download & try:

Dreamland Quickstart (48p.):

There is also one complete online starter adventure, “The Paradise of the Unchanging” (which also contains a short bestiary and other odds & ends):

The Paradise of the Unchanging (29p.):

Printable Dreamland Character Sheet (3p.; form-fillable; updated 7/8/2024):

This character sheet is higher-resolution than the one in the Quickstart PDF, and is form-fillable.

Assets for Dreamlast playtests


Dreamland is a card-based game where players use 300 Word Cards to tell stories and describe marvels of Dreamland. As of March 2023, you can use any of the following ways to play Dreamland:

Tabletop Simulator: – Tabletop Simulator costs a flat fee of $20 to buy on Steam; the Dreamland material is free. Go here to subscribe to Dreamland and you’ll be able to download the cards as well as receiving updates whenever I make edits.

playingcards dot io: Though not a full VTT, this free site works great for simulating Dreamland Word Cards. To use it, click on the file link above and download the “.pcio” file. Then create an account at and upload the file; the Dreamland card set will appear. The .pcio file was last updated July 12, 2024.

Dreamland cards are also set up for roll20, but since roll20 assets can’t be shared except as products in the roll20 store, we haven’t made these available yet (since Dreamland isn’t ready for commercial release yet, we don’t want to charge money for it). Occasionally Jason, Aaron or someone else who has uploaded Dreamland cards to roll20 will run a game on roll20.

Here’s a recording of our first Dreamland actual play video, recorded in April 2023 using OBS on Zoom and roll20:


For those who prefer to play RPGs in-person, you’ll have to wait till Dreamland is released in an official print edition with books, maps and physical Word Cards. However, as an interim measure, a POD version of the 300 Word Cards is now available at The Game Crafter. These are more expensive than the cards would be as part of an official release, and these are not the final designs, but they’re high-quality and suitable to playtest the game using the Quickstart Rules. If you can’t wait to play Dreamland in-person, please check them out! (And please look forward to an eventual professional release of the game!)

Dreamland playtests


If you’re interested in playtesting Dreamland with your own gaming group, or trying a game on Roll20, feel free to email us at (Jason’s first name) at mockman point com, ping us on twitter or Facebook, or of course ask on the Discord.