This possibly doesn’t deserve a post, but… Dreamland is now (really truly) working on roll20!! The great Aaron Vanek and I have now run several games and worked out the technical kinks.

Naturally, these are just rough playtest versions of all the cards — things won’t actually look like this in “the final”. But all the functionality is there and the game works wonderfully, which is especially nice in the current quarantine.

On the left are Word Cards. In the middle, the map of the scenario. On the right, the three card decks — Words, Impairments and Roles.

Technically, Roles and Impairment Cards aren’t needed. Impairments are like conditions in D&D, so putting them on cards is just a quick way to reference the effects. Roles are only used during character generation and, occasionally, as dreamers gather experience and change Roles over the course of a campaign. Neither are striclty necessary, but it wasn’t hard to put them on roll20 so it’s nice to have them there.

I’ll be doing a few formal online games in the next few months (see here for details), and of course running small demos & playtests whenever we find time. If you’re interested, comment on this page, or you can contact me at jason at my email address mockman point com.

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