Since Dreamland is a card-based RPG, one of my big goals has been to make it available on VTTs (virtual tabletops) so people can use the cards without having to play face-to-face (and, since the game isn’t commercially printed yet, without me or them having to print and cut out 300+ Word Cards). I’m proud to say that it’s finally ready to play with on two VTT platforms!

Tabletop Simulator

Tabletop Simulator is really designed for complicated boardgames and miniatures, and if it’s able to simulate card games as well that’s just a bonus. With the help of MrSuperJolly, who did the script, I’ve set up a functioning version of Dreamland RPG on the program. It includes Word Cards, Impairment Cards and even the optional Role Cards.

Tabletop Simulator costs $20, and is a bit slow on my MacBook, since it’s a Steam game made for PCs. But regardless, if you own Tabletop Simulator, you can now play Dreamland on it! Go here to subscribe to Dreamland and you’ll be able to download the cards as well as receiving updates whenever I make edits (some of the Impairment Card text is still a work in progress…).

Compared to Tabletop Simulator and Roll20, is bare-bones; it doesn’t have chat (use your chat app of choice); it isn’t really a VTT at all. But it’s great for just what it wants to do, simulating cards!

The playingcards version of Dreamland contains Word Cards and Impairment Cards only, but that’s plenty. The important thing is, it’s free and easy to use. Just go to this page and download this .pcio file, then create an account on playingcards and upload the file; the Dreamland card set will appear. Enjoy!

roll20 (TBA)

Roll20, the favorite VTT site for most people I know (except for the terrible sound quality; everyone chats on Skype or Discord), has been me & Aaron’s primary site for demoing and playtesting Dreamland online until recently. roll20 has Word Cards, Impairment Cards, Role Cards a d tons of great TTRPG features (though it doesn’t have the ‘quick-deal and quick-return’ card functions which are native to and can be scripted in Tabletop Simulator).

BUT…… roll20 doesn’t have any way to share files (like the Dreamland card assets) without putting them up for sale in the roll20 store. Since Dreamland isn’t graphic-designed and commercially available yet, it doesn’t seem right to charge money for an imperfect version of the Dreamland cards on roll20. Therefore, for the foreseeable future, roll20 Dreamland games will probably be limited to whenever Aaron or I are running one. (Unless you’re a real Dreamland maniac who wants to upload 300 Word Card images by yourself….)

Anyway, the good news is: Dreamland cards *ARE* now available on two VTTs for YOU to download, play with, run games with and check out!! Again, go here for the Tabletop Simulator version and here for the file. Of course, these card packs don’t include the actual rules of the game, but when a downloadable QuickStart version of the rules is available, you’ll be able to use the VTTs to check them out.

And on that note… I hope to have another important update very soon! See you soonish.

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