Right upon the heels of the Dreamland Quickstart PDF from last week, I’m excited to put online: The Paradise of the Unchanging, the first Dreamland playtest/demo adventure!

“The Paradise of the Unchanging” is a Dreamland one-shot first playtested at NecronomiCon way back in 2015. Since then, I and other Dream Masters have run it for many groups, and it’s one of several completed Dreamland adventures. I think it’s a good one, so now, with the Dreamland Quickstart and VTT tools in the previous post, you can run or play it yourself and try out Dreamland!

“The Paradise of the Unchanging” is intended as a one-session introductory game for new Dreamland players and DMs. In addition to the adventure itself, the PDF contains wilderness travel rules, and a short bestiary of beasts and monsters dreamers may encounter in the wilds of Lispasia. The whole thing is a 28-page PDF.

Please check it out here! Let me know what you think, and happy dreaming! And I’ll post here again soon with more news about upcoming games — or, if you happen to catch this post when it comes out, here’s an invite link to the Dreamland Discord server. (I’ll put more of these in new posts as the old ones expire.)

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