With huge help from many people, we’ve recorded the first Dreamland RPG actual play video!! I love listening to RPG actual plays while I’m drawing or working, and it was a huge pleasure to actually make one.

Many thanks to everyone who was involved. Aaron Vanek edited the video and suggested making it in the first place; Matt Conant handled the OBS software and was involved off-camera with the whole thing; and Vincent Chang, Vesper Remiel and Ronny Elor, the players, were amazing and graciously made themselves available at 8PM on a weekday.

This is the first Dreamland video recording, but it isn’t the first Dreamland recording online — there’s an audio recording based on a very old version of the system at Whartson Hall, and maybe one or two other audio recordings scattered around places like yog-sothoth.com (recorded at YSDC Game Day). But it’s the first actual p using the most current version of the game, and I hope to do more recordings soon. What do you think?

Lastly, if you happen to view this post in late April 2023 when it goes up, come join the Dreamland Discord channel!

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